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Meditation – 2015 /    Time duration –  6 Hour  /    Material –  White Sari , Button  /      Organized by Samdani Art Foundation

Shifting Sands, Sifting Hands

“Now, as I do this; now, as the light here goes out, for instance.

What is the now? Is the now at my disposal? Am I the now?

Is every other person the now? Then time would indeed be I myself,

And every other person would be time. And in our being with one

another we would be time – everyone and no one. Am I the now?

Or only the one who is saying this?”


The title of this workshop[, Shifting Sands, Sifting Hands, relates to the above idea of everything being in a constant state of becoming, in the slippage-es of time through movement or stillness, of the body in the recognition of death present in every moment as it passes.