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I never thought I would have to experience my life in this way.  This is a different feeling altogether. This pandemic changed my living conditions a lot – I’m constantly worried, different fears are always resonating in my mind.  Now I am even afraid to go out of the house. I keep counting death records all day just like a scoreboard. I am now more dependent on android phones than ever before.  Without the internet, I am not able to function like before.

Are we going to be secluded now?  Did Corona destruct our social ties that much?


I like sewing a lot.  In depression, when nothing feels good, I sew and my mind gets better. After a busy day when I get tired of working, just sewing seems to take away my fatigue. It’s a great feeling when we stitch our everyday clothing. I would say it is an inspiration for me that remind me of the pleasure of making new forms. Embroidery is unique that helps me to grow as a creative practitioner.

I am working around this medium quite for some time and like to extend it further, in the coming days I would l like to make ‘nakshi-kantha’ that will represent the time of helplessness.

I will sew a “Nakshi Kantha” that will speak of my endangered Time.

My city Narayanganj was the high alert zone during the covid lockdown period. The first patient was even found from this city only.Throughout the time I tried to connect with the covid survivor so that I can understand the situation beyond my hypothetical fear. I usually ask them if I can record our conversation like an audio narrative. I have recorded a series of memory during the first stage of my research but I want to extend further with an extensive number of experiential recordings from all around my town especially I would like to add voice notes from the covid hospital patients and marginalized communities. Later, I will transfer them in collective embroidery in a performativity manner.