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Khela ghore      – 2018     /    Time Duration – 2 day  ( 2,30 pm -6 pm) 3 Hour    /     Material – Clay




Bag Bondi  (Part 1)  – 2017     /    Time Duration – 5 Hour    /     Material – child toy

Look Back – 2017  / Ongoing project

As time goes on, human society and their thoughts, culture, customs, rituals etc. For the benefit of technology, we are gradually entering into a modern lifestyle. As a result, on the one hand, our lifestyle has been simplified; on the other hand, many of us are losing traditional traditions of traditional culture, sports, emotions and feelings.
Danguli, thief, police, gollachut, bomb busting, seven plants, Daria Banda, kutakuta, icimbicim, baiama, Hadudu, kabaddi, ludu, rope, kanamachi, dolls marriage, marble, kite uranosaha different kind of funny the play space are mobile, internet and Facebook, and many boys kartunabartamane television mobile, internet and Facebook to create your own virtual jagattelibhisane one has ever seen the cartoon Or hide them on the screen of the mobile their childhood. From the true joy of childhood, they slowly move away from their unknown.