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We Fight To Save a Flower (part 2) – 2016    /   Duration –  1 hours    /   Material  -1000 roses ,   butcher shop, knife

In Bangladesh, at present, we are passing a hard time. The situation is such that the freedom of speech and thought of artists, writers, dramatists or all the progressive and promising people are getting narrower day by day.  The mutual disbelief is gradually increasing. It is visible everywhere, in personal as well as in social life. On one hand, we are getting the news of a son harassing his own mother while on the other hand we are getting the news of a mother killing her own child. These types of news often get our attention overshadowing the regular news of woman and child abuse. Also the news of a teacher harassed in front of everyone leaves us dumbstruck. Such violence, torture and oppression are happening in a time, when we are also experiencing killing in the name of religion or other ideological causes. These murders are well-planned. The situation is so horrible that even expressing one’s view in blog or Face book can become one’s cause of death.

These incidents are happening one by one and also being hushed up. One incident in the evening makes us forget the one that happened in the morning. Overwhelmed, we are trying to survive by adjusting to this unstable environment. We are becoming numb. We are not being able to feel the horror unless one of our near and dear ones becomes a victim. It seems that our emotion is being hacked to pieces. In other words, our humane feelings are being injured, blood-stained. To express this bleeding emotion, I have chosen a metaphor. To express the contrast between the beauty and ugliness, I have chosen the contrast between the rose and the machete, as my medium. Thus I want to attempt to portray the horror of the situation.