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AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A ROSE – 2015  /    Series Work  – On going  /    Protest sexual assaults during Pahela Baishakh

The roles of man and woman should be determined by their deeds as human beings, not by their gender. Those who have not been able to come out of the mentality of the barbaric hunters of Stone Age, are the ones who have failed to respect women as human beings. In the patriarchal society, women and children are the victims of discrimination, harassment and violence at several institutes of the society and the country. Day by day the rate of this kind of violence is increasing in Bangladesh. Today women are the victims of harassment in every step of their lives in offices, on streets, in schools, colleges, even in universities. They are as victims of eve-teasing and harassment on streets by naughty boys, as at home by husbands, in-laws, neighbors. They are murdered, being injured, and most horribly they commit suicide out of utter frustrations. All levels of women in the society – whether they are educated or not, from village or from town, in their homes or outside, everywhere – are deeply suffering from lack of security. Now-a-days, the rate of women being harassed has increased alarmingly. Women are now being sexually harassed everywhere – in schools, colleges, universities. They are raped in busses, at work, even at their own homes by gangsters. They are violated by tempting them with jobs or love. In addition to this, the women are often blackmailed by creating fake sms. Even ‘Pohela Boishak’, the celebration of our souls, has not been able to stay out of this barbarism. Witnessed by thousands of people during ‘Pohela Boishak’, women have been harassed even at TSC in Dhaka University area.

Rose is a symbol of love and beauty to the people around the world. But most of the people in our society tend to possess the inhuman instinct and inclination to ruin the beauty. Due to this instinct human beings unconsciously commit such deeds that lead the society to a disaster.

Having been living in such atrocity and horror for such a long time has made us so numb and deaf that we do not react at all to any situation whatsoever. We do not question ourselves about our inactivity. The situation has become such that we are very much comfortable watching someone eating a beautiful red rose!