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5 Minute For Sundarban  – (part 2 ) 2016   /  Time Duration – 7 Hour    /  Material – white cloth, Yarn, and  black coal .
Copyright by sumana akter and bengal foundation

5 Minute For Sundarbans  – (part 4 ) – 2017   /  Time Duration – 4 Hour    /  Material – white cloth, .


5 Minute For Sundarbans – (part 5 ) – 2018 / First day – 4 Hour / Material – white cloth,  Itumbahal, Kathmandu.


Second Day  (4hour), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

5 Minute For Sundarbans /  Ongoing project

There are lots of existing writing on earth, which was written already, I do not feel that urge to make another writing for same reason, so I prefer to share here a similar writing with the viewer for this work…

‘… We have not created the Sundarbans banana trees. In Bangladesh to protect nature, it has been normal. It is next to the Bay of Bengal that is considered as Barrier. If it is not protected, then one day in Khulna, Barisal, Patuakhali, Comilla some parts, some parts of the city shall go forth into the sea in the area until the end …… once the erosion of the sea starts, there is no way protect the land from that….’ – Bangabandhu

The destruction of the Sundarban becomes a role model of modernity, for the shake of modern Bangladesh. We forgot Sundarbans is like our mother, the fence protects you from all calamities, all disasters.