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One The Way  ( part 1) –  2010 /      Time duration – 1 hour /     Material – Borkha




One The Way  (Part 2)  – 2013 /      Time duration – 1hour /          Material – white dress

On going project

Are you a woman by birth? Or, you become a woman in course of time; governed by the society and religion. You bit by bit become a woman in the way you walk, you talk, you dress…
A baby girl has to obey countless rules and regulations of the society as it grows from the day it was born. It has to learn to talk softly, walk slowly, laugh in low tone, contain anger, become tolerant, and many more. I did not at all bother these issues when I was growing. Thus, I had to listen to scolding from others. I was hurt repeatedly but I never tried to change myself a bit, rather I always protested. Thus, I always like to portray myself as my own work, like this time as well –